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Keith Carradine Heading Back to the Wild West Via Gateway

Keith Carradine, who played “Wild” Bill Hitchcock in HBO's western drama, Deadwood, is set to return to the wild west. No, I'm not talking about Cowboys and Aliens, although he did also star in that film as Sheriff John Taggart. Starting to see a pattern here?

Gateway is the name of TNT's forthcoming western show, which was formerly dubbed Tin Star in reference to the sheriff's badge. Bruce C. McKenna and Danny Cannon are set to produce the show, which was given a cast-contingent pilot order in August.

The story is centered around a town called Gateway, which is put in danger when its current sheriff is murdered, leaving his three sons to step in and protect the community. Carradine plays Frank Saar, a worn-out rancher in the 1880's, who becomes a father-figure to the sheriff's sons, one of whom is to be played by The O.C's Cam Gigandet. The western will be based on a script written by Bruce C. McKenna, who also wrote the Pacific and Band of Brothers mini series.


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