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Ken Levine Reveals BioShock Infinite to Contain Move Support; New Vita-Based BioShock

Ken Levine made an appearance at Sony's E3 press conference in support of BioShock. Along with presenting a new trailer for Infinite, Levine also discussed a feature that will of course be exclusive to the PS3 version of the game. After joking around a little over the relevance of motion controls, Levine revealed that BioShock Infinite will in fact support Sony's Move Controller. It was never made clear exactly how the motion controls would be integrated into Infinite, but Levine made sure to stress the fact that it would have no effect on the 'core' way to play the game.

The PS3 version of Infinite will also contain a free version of the original BioShock, a testament to just how much Sony really wants to support this game and have it perform well on the PS3.

Infinite was not the only thing on the agenda, however; Levine went on to reveal that there will be a BioShock experience coming to PlayStation Vita. Apart from this statement, nothing was said about the game whatsoever. It is likely that the game will be a part of the new universe that is created in BioShock Infinite, as I'm sure most people share my feelings that going back to Rapture just couldn't be less interesting at this point.


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