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“Kick-Ass 2” planned for 2012

A Kick-Ass sequel, reportedly titled Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall will reportedly begin production next year and be in cinemas in 2012, that’s the word from comic-book scribe Mark Millar. Millar is already writing a sequel to his hit graphic novel creation. The first few pages will be published his new comic-book magazine CLiNT in September in the United Kingdom.

Kick-Ass went through a problematic production process with many studios rejecting to fund the production. Director/producer Matthew Vaughn was forced to raise money independently. With his writing partner Jane Goldman, the two worked closely with Millar when writing the screenplay because the comic was still being published when filming began. Whoever writes the sequel will presumably have to go through a similar process.

There is no word from Vaughn yet on whether he will direct the sequel. He has recently been accepted the job of director for next year's X-Men: First Class. It’s seems likely that Goldman will follow him; her husband Jonathan Ross posted this recently on Twitter: "My wife has just taken on a big new exciting movie. So I'll be doing the cooking for the next 10 weeks." It is unknown whether this would interfere with their return to the Kick-Ass sequel.

However, Aaron Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse are both keen to continue in their roles for the sequel. Mintz-Plasse believes that sequel will be darker and more violent, particularly with his character Red Mist.

was considered to have underperformed despite it was made on budget of $28 million. This was because of the large marketing campaign behind it. But the film did receive positive critical reaction and a strong fan-base. It should do very well when it’s released on DVD and inspire confidence the sequel can do the same.

A Kick-Ass sequel should be an entertaining affair. The fan-base will certainly want to see Chloe Moretz return as the pre-teen assassin Hit Girl.


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