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Kick-Ass 3 Finale Delayed Again

It seems as though there has been nothing but ill tidings for the final issue of Mark Millar's Kick-Ass series. Almost a decade running and the very end seems to be full of nothing but pit stops. In the time since the issue was first solicited Kick-Ass 3 #8 has been delayed no less than three separate times. Already at this moment it is perhaps 2 or more months overdue. It seems pretty much laughable that the issue that was meant to kick-start the new Millarworld Universe has been succeeded from the two main launch titles so far - MPH and Starlight - by 2 and 4 issues respectively.   huhu   Of course one does wonder what is causing the hold-up. Is it due to Romita Jr. working harder and paying more attention to his Superman run with Geoff Johns? Or could it be that Millar has changed the course of the Millarworld Universe? There are a myraid of various possibilities, but the thing to note is that it ain't coming out anytime soon. The most recent on-shelf date is July 23rd, 2014. Let's see if that doesn't change to August soon enough. Guesses and betting pools would be happily accepted below.  


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