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Killing Floor Gets New Christmas Update

'Tis that time of year again when every online game puts out some sort of "Holiday" update that tasks players with saving Santa.  Killing Floor, the co-op zombie survival horror shooter takes a different route each year, and tries very hard to soak your childhood nostalgia with blood.

From now through January 4th, the game will be running the Twisted Christmas event which replaces the usual zombie enemies with snowmen, mutant reindeer, gingerbread creatures, and even a monstrous Santa.  There are also new new weapons to take down this endless [Yule]tide of the undead, and a new level in which to battle for survival.  If you kill enough of these Christmas creepies you can even unlock a new playable character.

If you haven't played Killing Floor yet, you can try it out for free on Steam this weekend, and it will also be on sale at 75% off, which makes it five dollars now through Monday the 11th.  If you already own the game, the Christmas content is free.

You can see the holiday cheer for yourself in the trailer below.


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