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Killzone 3 Beta for Plus Subscribers Only

On October 25 a public beta for the highly anticipated Killzone 3 will be made available, although this tantalizing trial will only be accessible for active PlayStation Plus subscribers.

But even if you are a Plus subscriber, in order to actually be one of the lucky 10,000 (5,000 for both the USA and Europe) who get to play the beta, you will first have to download an exclusive theme from the PlayStation Store on October 19. Once you have done this, then and only then, will you be eligible for the entry code required to access the download.

For those of you still interested Guerrilla have promised that the beta should be worth the effort taken to get included: “Beta Trial participants will get to sample several new features of the Killzone 3 multiplayer mode – including the ‘Operations’ game type, party system, and jetpack and exoskeleton vehicles.”


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