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Killzone 3 Comes With SOCOM 4 Beta

Excited about Killzone 3? Well, not only are you getting to experience Killzone 3 at the end of February, but you'll also get a taste of Sony's other exclusive title: SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs. According to the official PlayStation blog:

To get early access to the beta, look for the SOCOM 4 callout on the front of all eligible copies of Killzone 3 (including both the standalone and Helghast Editions). Inside the box you’ll find a PSN code that you’ll be able to redeem for your early access as soon as the beta goes live. To find out when the SOCOM 4 multiplayer beta begins, be sure to check back at SOCOM.com once you pick up your copy of Killzone 3, hitting shelves on February 22nd.

Note that this is only in the United States, but don't worry, Europe. You'll be getting access as well with a subscription of PlayStation Plus.


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