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Killzone 3: “From the Ashes” DLC Preview

The latest map pack for Killzone 3 has been unveiled and is scheduled for release on June 21. This pack dubbed “From the Ashes” will feature 2 brand new Guerrilla Warfare and 2 Warzone maps and will cost only $4.99 at inception. The developers have stated that the new DLC is provided to reinvigorate the KZ3 online experience with maps that are both “fresh and familiar” to users. The new pack is also being bundled with the previous DLC content “Retro” pack and “Steel Rain” pack as well. The bundle will cost only $9.99 and will allow new KZ3 players, along with those who may have missed out, the chance to get up to speed with DLC at a reduced price and will contribute to a total of 8 multiplayer maps available for the game. More details regarding the newest maps will be released soon, but Guerrilla Games has already showcased a couple of their latest creations in a set of videos on the game's official site.

missile base

Among the latest Warzone maps is the 24-player Lente Missile Base, a large derelict defense facility at the edge of the Kaznan Jungle. The abandoned base is slowly being reclaimed by Helghan vegetation but ISA and Helghast troops discover that the facility is still operational. While most of the systems are functional opposing forces battle over missile control, which results in some heavy ordinance being launched. Anyone who is lumbering around in the underground exhaust vents are instantly deep fried.

Also featured in the “From the Ashes” pack is the Mobile Factory map. This new 16-player Guerrilla Warfare map is set aboad one of the large factory vehicles that is featured in the game's single player mode. The large fortress doubles as a parts production plant and would serve as an important strategic asset to either ISA or Helghast forces. Players seeking to claim control of the Mobile Factory should watch their step and utilize the on board minigun turrets to ward off attacking troops.

This is just a small dose of what the latest DLC looks like; more information and previews of the upcoming maps will be available soon.


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