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Killzone 3 Gets a “Helghast Edition”

All hail the glory of Helghan! By which I mean Killzone 3 is getting a limited edition release. Guerrilla games will release a "Helghast Edition" that will come with:

-Killzone 3
-Helghast helmet replica
-6.5" cloaking Helghast figurine
-Art book
-Super Voucher

And the Super Voucher will get you:

-Killzone 3 soundtrack
-Dynamic theme
-Retro map pack featuring two Killzone 2 maps
-First 24-hour full multiplayer access

That full access includes:

-All weapons
-All abilities
-Double experience bonus

and those first 24 hours will get you:

-Racist and homophobic taunting from thirteen year-olds
-Nasty messages from sore losers
-Late arrival punch-ins at work


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