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Killzone 3 revealed… it’s in 3D?

According to the next Gamepro issue, Killzone 3 is happening. Shocker, right?

So, are you ready for some 3D Killzone? Nope? Neither am I. I enjoyed the hell out of Killzone 2, but having the game in 3D is a huge turn-off. The 3D will require a 3D TV, 3D glasses, and sitting in the middle of your couch to see the 3D correctly. By the way, according to this article, "3D-enabled TVs [are] in the $3,000 to $12,000 range." While the thought of Killzone in 3D is ridiculous yet exciting, there's no way I will ever shell out that much money just to play one game. Of course, the option for us to play in regular 2D will probably be there.

Also, jetpacks. Killzone 3 will apparently feature crazy jetpacks... similar to certain other releases these days. Jetpacks will apparently make people "'explode like roman candles." Now that is a bit exciting. Another focus that the developers seem to be having is on the story. A very odd thing to focus on as story is definitely not what people came to Killzone for. Killzone 3 will feature a lot about the Helghast culture and language.

The things they seem to be focusing on aren't necessarily the most exciting things but it's said to have a "Wasp" weapon that will shoot flurries of rockets which sounds promising.

No release date set just yet but I'd expect it early-mid 2011 with more info dropping at E3 this year.


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