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Killzone 3 “Steel Rain” DLC Announced

Guerrilla Games has already announced a second map pack for the newly-released hit Killzone 3. This new DLC dubbed “Steel Rain” will feature two new maps, Junkyard and Stahl Arms, which have been converted and rebuilt from the game's campaign. Junkyard will of course be crafted from the “Scrapyard Shortcut” chapter and will be catered to the Guerrilla Warfare game style—supporting 16 players. The Stahl Arms map, on the the other hand, is the bigger of the two new maps supporting Warfare mode with 24 player action. This map is centered around a Helghast research facility which deals in humanoid experimentation.



No release date or price has been announced for Steel Rain, but a video on the new DLC is supposedly in the works according to the Killzone Blog and official game site. The developers have an impressive track record when it comes to DLC and supporting their games, so it's likely that the new maps will be worth the wait. Killzone 3 is a fantastic game on its own but if you're already craving some fresh battlefields then Steel Rain is what you are looking for. Along with the Retro Map Pack, which was offered as a KZ3 pre-order bonus, ISA and Helghast forces should have no shortage of grounds in which to wage war.


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