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Killzone: Shadow Fall E3 Demo Footage Released

Gameplay footage has been released for the up and coming PS4 title, Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Originally revealed at the Playstation 4 reveal event, Sony publicly released the E3 demo footage yesterday, which sees our Shadow Marshall at work in a visually stunning environment.

Coming at just under nine minutes, the footage also gives us a first look at the games fighting system and more specifically the new combat drone, which our protagonist will be given to wield against on-coming enemies.

Named OWL, the drone hosts a range of modes to help players through the game including a stun mode that creates an area-of-effect blast thereby stunning enemies and disrupting technology within its radius, a shield mode and a zip line mode that is designed to help players safely and quickly reach lower areas.

In other Killzone: Shadow Fall news, Sony have announced that anyone who pre-orders the game at participating stores will receive the Shadow Pack – an exclusive content bundle that gives its owners access to a range of extras.

Included in the bundle are OWL skins, which gives you access to some exclusive skins to dress your drone in, the games official soundtrack and an MP Spotlight move: a special victory move players can use in multiplayer matches to taunt fellow troops and celebrate their online triumphs.

Developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Killzone: Shadow Fall wil be a launch title for the PS4 and its release is set to coincide with that of the console, which is scheduled for later this year.


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