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Killzone: Shadow Fall Screenshots Revealed

After being announced at the PlayStation meeting two days ago, new screenshots have emerged for the up and coming PS4 Killzone title, Shadow Fall

The shots, which are apparently real time photos taken from the launch game, were posted yesterday on the picture-sharing site Flickr and have since been all over the Internet, generally to great applause and we can see why.

Regarding the actual game itself, according to a post on the Official PlayStation blog by Killzone 3 Senior Producer, Steven Ter Heide, “The game is set in a near future, 30 years after the events of Killzone 3.”

“The world is a very different place; two rival factions known as the Helghast and the Vektans live side by side in a futuristic city, divided by a vast wall.”

He also added that within Shadow Fall, “Tensions are high, and the cold war they are embroiled in is about to go hot. In the midst of this all stands a Shadow Marshal, you. The most special of the Special Forces, tasked with maintaining the delicate balance. “ 

“From responding to bold attacks, to quiet infiltrations or all out combat, you will be required to adapt and think on your feet as you have to face a variety of escalating events that could destroy your home world.”

The shots, more of which you can find by clicking here, do look amazing but what do you think so far of the new Killzone game? Do you think it should be a launch title for the PS4? Share your thoughts down below.


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