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Kim Swift’s New Game Revealed this Weekend

It was a bit of a surprise a couple years ago when it was announced that Kim Swift had left Valve Software to join Airtight Games, the studio that made Dark Void. Square Enix have announced that the fruits of her new labor will finally be revealed this weekend.

Swift was one of the people instrumental to the creation of the original Portal, among those who created the prototype that led to Valve putting the project together and responsible for a lot of the game's development. She was also the first to let the cat out of the bag and admit that Portal 2 was coming, so it seemed odd when she left the company before that game was even shown officially.

After she was hired at Airtight, they said she would be put in charge of making a team and leading them to develop games that would attract a broader audience than their earlier work. We don't really know much about what the game will be, other than that they've said they have two in development, and have used a lot of catchy words like "unique", "refreshing", and "exciting" to describe them.

Whatever the game turns out to be, it seems like a decent bet to live up to those descriptors, as Swift contributed a great deal to one of this generation's most beloved games, and Airtight wasn't exactly starved for ideas when working on Dark Void, as lackluster as that game's execution might have been. As one of the few women with an active voice in today's gaming industry, we hope Swift's new project can live up to her apparent talents.


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