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Kinect Now Couch Ready

What can we say about the Kinect? It sees you when you’re sleeping. It knows when you’re awake. However up until recently it had no clue if you were sitting on your couch. Yes, the Kinect apparently had a bit of trouble knowing the difference between you and the couch if you were sitting on it. However the software has been changed so that the base node used for determining your size/shape can now separate you from your couch.


Oddly enough I actually heard about this problem being worked on not long ago when I talking to a Game Stop manager who had gone out to try it. According to him at the time the fix had just happened, but he says that it seems to be able to read people pretty well. He told me he wasn’t sure if it was a “Move killer,” but that it seemed solid. Hopefully we can try it soon, and give our own interpretations of the hardware. However it is not long now.


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