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Kinect Off to “Quiet Start” In Japan

Kinect may be the bee’s knees this holiday season in America, but it had a much more muted reception for its Japanese release. According (via 1up) to a report from Media Creates, the company which tracks hardware and software sales in Japan, the Kinect sold 26,000 units during its launch on the weekend of Nov. 20 & 21. Barring a huge holiday rush the Japanese market has a long way to go to catch up to the 950,000 Kinects sold in America as of Nov. 15, ten days after its U.S. release.

Media Creates described Kinect's Japanese launch as "a quiet start." According to the company, Japanese Kinect sales as of this time are “about half” of the total number of Playstation Moves sold in Japan, though 1up notes that the Japanese Move bundle costs 5100 yen, the equivalent of $60 U.S. dollars, whereas Kinect costs 14,800 yen, about $176 U.S. dollars.


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