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Kinect Star Wars Screenshots

Microsoft has done little to justify buying a Kinect if you're a hardcore gamer.  With games like Disneyland Adventures, Zumba, and Pinkie Pie's Pony Party, the target audience seems to be children and casual gamers (Okay I made that last one up, but don't be surprised if Kinect My Little Pony shows up by Christmas). Kinect Star Wars seems like a legitimate attempt to appeal to the traditional gamer geek crowd, but screenshots released today conjure mixed feelings.

The game is set in the prequel movies, with players using their Kinect to fight battle droids and pilot vehicles.  While it's great to have the chance to wield the Force using only hand gestures, it's still a bit disappointing that the game will be set during the Jar Jar Binks era.

You'll play a new character who hangs around with squid-headed jedi Kit Fisto.

You'll use the Kinect to pilot vehicles in addition to controlling a Jedi.

Aside from combat craft, you'll also pilot pod-racers.

Gestures will control light saber attacks, as well as Force powers.

Kinect Star Wars comes out only for Xbox this Winter.  Check back with us for more on its development.


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