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Konami Pre-E3 2013 Show – Metal Gear Solid V, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, Pro Evo 2014 Updates

Konami has made a recent tradition of revealing their E3 content the week before anyone else and this year is no different. This third Pre-E3 event focused on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, Metal Gear Solid V, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

>Konami started things off with some smaller announcements, first celebrating that it is the game company's 40th anniversary and touting the success of Dance Dance Revolution: Classroom Edition. They then touched upon, very mildly, on their mobile and social titles such as MLB Dream Nine, MLB Live Challenge, Puzzle Chasers, Slot Revolution and Casino League. It is here when they started discussing their three big titles.

The first of these three focus games was Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, which uses the Fox Engine that also powers the Metal Gear Solid V. Along with better visuals and animations thanks to the new engine, the game has a team morale for when the players play at home or away games.

Next was Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, shown off by Hideo Kojima. MGSV will have a darker tone, touching on heavier subjects like race and revenge. The game takes place in 1984 and Snake is 49 years old. Because of his gruffer age, Kojima with the help of film producer Avi Arad, decided to cast Kiefer Sunderland of 24 fame to replace David Hayter as the voice of Snake. MGSV will have motion-tracking faces in order to express emotion via facial gestures versus dialog (seen in the shot below), which sounds like a hint that the game is getting less chatter. Sadly, that is all the discussed on the highly anticipated game. 

Last up to bat was Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Lords of Shadow 2 focuses on the story of Dracula (aka Gabriel from the first game) and takes place after the epilogue of Lords of Shadow 1 in a modern day city. This time, the player has the ability to free roam without load times and they can control a free camera - two big improvements over the first. It will conclude the Lords of Shadow trilogy and releases this winter on 360, PS3, and  PC. The show ends with Rocco Botte from Mega 64, who teamed with Konami in the past, comically playing Dracula. Here's the new (lengthy) trailer for Lords of Shadow 2:

...That's it. This year’s show is pretty lackluster in terms of content. Usually Konami brings new game announcements and much more in-depth coverage on their upcoming titles, but it seems that they just don't have much on the table for the upcoming year. Hopefully they remember that we’re still waiting on the Contra announcement they teased two years ago! If you want to watch the show itself, we have the video below.



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