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KRAK Kickstarter

The writer of Barbarian, Scott Amundson, and the artist of Milt, Joie Simmons, are coming together for their latest venture, and they need their readers help!

The Creators of KRAK

Barbarian Comics black-and-white sketch
Scott Amundson is the writer of the four issue mini-series Barbarian, which after a catastrophic first issue turned into a unique mini despite being plagued with pacing problems. The Barbarian comic focused on a rabid stranger with a hidden past and mixed action with science-fictional demons who aren't too happy to see the Barbarian.

Joie Simmons wrote and drew Milt, which was launched last year in August 2011 on the official Milt Comics blog. The first full adventure of Milt morphed into an official comic available on Amazon. The idea for Milt came to the writer from watching old black-and-white Mickey Mouse cartoons, and the artwork mimics such. The official title, Milt: The Treasure Stealers, was drawn with a sharpie pen in a 6 by 9 lined notebook. It was a stream of consciousness comic book, with no outline or story prerecorded, just a man full of ideas and a sharpie.

Artist and writer are teaming up to write KRAK, a 24-page one-shot about an unemployed cyborg. But to make sure it sees print, both creators are asking for backers. The project will only be funded if at least $500 is pledged by Wednesday, April 25. Support the indie-guys at Kickstarter!

Here is an official preview of KRAK:

KRAK gets a job page 1KRAK gets a job page 2KRAK gets a job page 3


Meet the Author

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An all-around nerdette, I’m a comic book connoisseur, horror aficionado, video game addict, anime enthusiast and an aspiring novelist/comic book writer. I am the head of the comic book department and the editor-in-chief of Entertainment Fuse. I also write and edit articles for Comic Frontline. I am also an intern at Action Lab Entertainment, a comic book publisher at which I edit comic book scripts, help work on images in solicitations and help with other comic book related project. My own personal website is comicmaven.com.

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