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Have a Very Demonic Christmas with the Krampus

This holiday season we have a new Christmas series. But don’t expect it to be filled with too much holiday cheer because our “hero” is the Krampus. Worse than the Grinch, the Krampus is a famous creature of lore who punishes naughty children. In this Image Comics title there is The Secret Society of Santa Clauses, who realize their powers are gone. Unfortunately, the only way they can get them back and deliver children’s presents in time is with some help from their greatest enemy, the Krampus.  

Krampus! #1 Cover

  The series will be written by Brian Joines (Nobles Causes, 7 Guys of Justice, Imagine Agents) and drawn by Dean Kotz (Charmed, Mask of the Red Panda, Black Coat: “Or Give Me Death”). Joines was inspired by the age-old Krampus and Santa Claus mythos. He said “I liked the idea of the Krampus beholden to an organization greater than he was, something that lent itself to the portrayal of the Krampus as a put-upon protagonist… Given that Santa has so many names around the globe, I thought it would be fun to make each name an individual working that particular territory. It shakes the paradigm up a bit.”   Joines also explains the sense of humor he’s going to be using in Krampus! “I've always had a darker sense of humor and liked the idea that all the stories and legends we knew as kids had darker underbellies… like the Grimm's Fairy Tales… When I found out that there was this demonic thing that used to ride around with Santa and punish wicked children… I knew I had to do something with that someday. It took a while to figure out how to use him, but once I did, the Krampus wrote himself.” The Krampus will be saving – or maybe ruining? – Christmas in his comedic adventure series Krampus! on December 11th, 2013 for $2.99.


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