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L.A. Noire: Exclusive PS3 Content?

A bit of new media has been floating around regarding Rockstar Game's upcoming title L.A. Noire. The detective thriller has been in the spotlight for some time now and it seems that there could be some exclusive content in store for the PS3 version. Apparently, a few retailers including Amazon, Gamestop, and Walmart have put up a new version of the PS3 game box with “exclusive content” featured on the front. However, this box also contains the “Only on PlayStation” badge as well so the authenticity of this packaging is to be examined. Preorder bonuses have already been arranged but there is no material on the game's official site that suggests anything related to PS3-specific content, but there could be some updates in the works.


One reinforcing clue is a mysterious screen shot of what appears to be an unreleased trailer or commercial for the game, which contains more information on this exclusive content. In this screen for L.A. Noire, the “Consul's Car Traffic Case” is mentioned as in-game content for the PS3 only. While the screen shot looks somewhat convincing, it could simply be a fake or an error made by the game's publisher other than an official leak. This has been seen in the past and it would not be surprising if the screen is flagged illegitimate. Whether the pieces of new media are real or not, Rockstar has L.A. Noire scheduled for release next month—so if there is any news on console-specific content it would be soon.


See the latest official information and material for L.A. Noire on the game's official site.


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