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LA Noire Coming To PC

It didn't take much of a detective to see this coming; Take Two announced that LA Noire is getting a PC port.  Of course Rockstar's big huge giant hit is going to be spread out to PC, Mac, Wii U, iPad and any place else they can cram their new IP.  But, so far, only the PC version has been officially confirmed.  The only real surprise is that it was announced before the inevitable PC version of Red Dead Redemption, which came out for consoles a full year earlier than LA Noire.

The release date is said to be the nebulous "Fall", so expect it to show up in time for the holiday season.  The PC edition will be 3D compatible, and I bet it'll come bundled with all of the DLC content that console jockeys are paying for right now.  While the DLC is just speculation, remember Player Affinity predicted this PC port thanks to the three psychics we keep in a tank below our offices.  Witness that astonishing prediction and much more in our original feature on the subject written an ASTOUNDING two months ago!


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