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Labyrinth Legends Review

Creat Studios' next game was released 2 months ago, but that won't stop us from critiquing it and giving it the praise it so rightfully deserves.  Labyrinth Legends is an isometric action-puzzle game that has the player traversing different underground locales in search for stars and treasure whilst avoiding deadly traps.

Labyrinth Legend's features a crisp, clean, and charming atmosphere and visuals and sound cues.  The unique artstyle really lends itself to the game's mayhem and compliments the occasional renaissance strums. (I'm a sucker for the Renaissance) The world design is inviting and manages to remain vibrant despite being in the occasional cavern; the game never loses it's charm and wit throughout the experience despite the occasional necessary bloddy mess.  If you can catch the visual references they are geeky fanfare at it's finest; they remain subtle, while never becoming too obscure.  The Predator reference especially, had my inner childhood giggling.      



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