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The All-Ladies Ghostbusters Team

"Gals 'Aint Afraid Of No Ghosts Either"
All right Fusers, prepare yourselves. We've reported on this before, but now we've got an official update and it seems quite real. As in, The Real Ghostbusters real. It looks like fans of the Ghostbusters films will finally get the long-awaited and much discussed third movie. However, it may not be in the ways we all initially expected or hoped. 'How so?' You might be asking. Well, picture a funny, all-female cast carrying Proton Packs and covered in ectoplasm after a night of chasing ghosts. Yes. It's every bit as awesome (or terrible) as it sounds and according to Variety, it is just what we're going to be getting. Now, before you condemn the notion of a female led ghostbusting team, as many seem to be doing, consider the fact that Paul Feig who directed the hit Bridesmaids,  will be directing the project. Admittedly, Feig alone wouldn't be the only ingredient that would scream success for this film. GB3 paul-feig-katie-dippold Katie Dippold, writer of The Heat, another successful hit, will be re-teaming with the director on this project and that should count for something, right? Again, this doesn't necessarily mean the movie will work. Let's look at another key factor that the aforementioned films have in common aside from the writer and director. One name: Melissa McCarthy. The hilarious comic star could very well be the biggest draw casting wise of the new film. If Bill Murray has his way though, she'll be competing with another powerhouse player in Kristen Wiig, who I personally think would make a great Ghostbuster. The only potential issue I see with this new film is all the chatter about it being a reboot, which I'm not sure about. It'd be better if the story of the new film picked up some time after the second one and have one of the original members in the mix somehow passing the torch to the ladies, as has been suggested by us previously here at The Fuse. Dan Akroyd, would be my pick of the remaining three as he is one of the brains behind the original concept and has been the most vocal over the years about a third film. We shouldn't forget that he also made a cameo appearance as Ray Stanz in the Casper movie for Pete's (Venkman) sake. He would have  to be in it. That is just my fantasy about how it would go. ghostbusters_psp_01 We all know that it's a challenge for many films with female leads to get made and marketed properly; and it is a bold move to feature all women, no doubt about it. Especially with a property as big and as loved as Ghostbusters. However, if films like The Heat and Bridesmaids are to be used as reference points, I'd say those are pretty solid shoulders upon which to build a new Ghostbusters movie in tandem of course, with the original 1984 classic. Bottom line, most fans probably don't want it and it could very well be horrendous. However, it could also be pretty good! What say you all out there? If it's good enough for the all-mighty Murray, why shouldn't we give the ladies a chance to bust some ghosts?


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