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Lady Mechanika #0 to Reprint

Not even being a numbered part of the series, Joe Benitez's latest creator-owned series Lady Mechanika #0 has sold out within a few days of its release. Lady Mechanika is a Steam-punk, action, fantasy series based in the late 1800's London where paranormal activities are a frequent occurence. The titular character, Lady Mechanika, being part human and part robot with no recollection of her past solves these issues with her wide range of gadgetry and weapons. Lady Mechanika is written by Joe Benitez (Soulfire, Wraithborn) and colors by acclaimed colorist Peter Steigerwald (Brightest Day, Ultimate X).

Joe Benitez was enthusiastic upon hearing that Lady Mechanika #0 sold out at the Diamond Level. "It made me feel that we're on the right track with this book. I'm extremely thankful to all the retailers and fans out there that took a chance on Lady Mechanika, and I truly appreciate your support. I'm pumped and ready to deliver the next chapter for you guys."

Lady Mechanika #0 reprint coverWith the positive response and high demand, Aspen has decided to make a second printing of the book. The reprinting will feature a new cover (making a total of 5 for this issue alone) by the creative team of Benitez and Steigerwald, and will be in stores November 10th. The series will kick-off in December with the release of Lady Mechanika #1 featuring two direct market covers by Joe Benitez and superstar artist J. Scott Campbell.


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