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Lady Rawhide Returns

Back in 1994 a masked vigilante first appeared on the printed page as a part of the Zorro mythos. Her name was Anita Santiago and with her mask and revealing uniform she became Lady Rawhide (no relation to the Rawhide Kid). She was as skilled in sword fighting as Zorro was and was proficient with guns and her signature bullwhip. After being an enemy to Zorro, Lady Rawhide became his confidante and ally. Why bring up this old western vixen? Because thanks to Dynamite Entertainment she's back!

Lady Rawhide will be a five issue mini-series that will reinvent the iconic western character. It will be written by Eric Trautmann (Red Sonja, Vampirella) and will be drawn by Milton Estevam (Queen Sonja). In the mini-series Lady Rawhide faces not one but two groups of villains: the government and the Sisters of the White Rose. The corrupt government has been intimidating people using privation and cruelty while the Sisters of the White Rose are a team of vigilantes inspired by Lady Rawhide and Zorro. The Sisters are trying to stop the corrupt government but while Lady Rawhide supports this she doesn't condone the bloody method they use against the government. So she must go to war with both of them!

Lady Rawhide #1 Cover Lisner
Eric Trautmann talked a bit about Lady Rawhide and what her character is like:

"Lady Rawhide is a thief, a bandit, a rogue... But she exists in a time and place where, as a woman, society has strictly defined what her behavior should be. Her vigilante, Robin Hood-esque actions are subversive, and her overtly flamboyant costuming rejects those social conventions. She's driven by a desire to control her environment on her terms... and society's encumbrances be damned."

I like how Trautmann addresses how scantily-dressed Lady Rawhide is. Her reinvention actually has her about as covered up as her original self and I like how he tries to say it's anything but obvious fan service. It's kind of like how they tried to say the hole in Power Girl's costume was supposed to be a metaphor for how she was missing a piece of herself. At least this isn't as wishy-washy and there are people who rebel against society by acting out... but let's face it, there's a good chance it's mostly for fan service.

Lady Rawhide #1 Black and white cover
Lady Rawhide #1
will be the first of the five issue mini-series released this August, 2013, with cover art by Dawn artist Joseph Michael Linsner. It will be solicited in the Diamond June Previews catalog. There will also be a Supscription-Only edition in a "Black and White Line Art" style which will be limited to initial orders so if you want the same exact cover in black and white you'll have to order it.

I think this mini-series could still turn out fantastic. Trautmann also mentioned how he would never let Lady Rawhide leave anyone behind. I like that in a character, I like western comic books and I like the story, so here's to hoping this cowgirl whips herself a winning mini-series.


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