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Last Character For First Templar

This week Kalypso Media released video detailing the third and final playable character in their upcoming cooperative hack 'n' slash game The First Templar.  The new character Marie d'Ibelin is one of two possible companions who'll join the game's protagonist Celian over the course of the story.  Players can switch between them for single-player adventures, but the game is designed to encourage multi-player coop.

Marie is an agile combatant who wields two daggers and uses an acrobatic style to take on opponents.  This is a big contrast to Roland, the other playable companion character, who cleaves his foes asunder with a huge two-handed sword. In the middle is Celian, the balance sword & shield fighter who players always have in their party.

In footage of all three characters, we can see them each using brutal finishing moves to take down enemies, which seem to come after our heroes in large groups.  With it's 13th Century conspiracy theme, and medieval stylings, this is likely to be of interest to people who loved the Assassin's Creed series (Along with some confused Raymond Khoury fans as well).  The game comes out for PC and XBox 360 on May 10th.  Check back with us this week for our full preview, and a review after The First Templar releases.


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