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Last Great PC Game of 2010 Still To Come

So you thought World of Warcraft Cataclysm would be the last game you had to get this year?  Well, one last gem was just announced, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath.  It’s coming to PC with the nebulous release date of “Holiday Season 2010”, and it should definitely go on your Christmas list.

If that title rings a bell, that’s because Stranger’s Wrath was originally released on the Xbox back in 2005.  It’s one of the few great Xbox games that never got a patch to play on the 360, so the only way to play it has been by dragging your dusty old XBox out of the basement.  Now, it is getting a port to PC, along with several other Oddworld games which can be bought individually, or together in a collection called The Oddboxx. 

Stranger’s Wrath was a spectacular game for the XBox, a mixture of first and third person gaming, set in a Wild West part of Oddworld.  Players controlled a cat-like bounty-hunter who was out to wrangle an assortment of outlaws by using a crossbow which shot live animals.  Players could also control Stranger as he charged around on all fours like an animal for melee and platforming sequences.  It also had a great story with an amazing plot-twist.

Pricing and exact release date are not available at this time.


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