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Latest Driveclub Details: Wheel Support & 60 FPS?

According to Evolution's Col Rodgers, Driveclub will, in fact, be compatible with every wheel made for the Playstation 4. He also stated that, "wherever you have a Wi-fi connection [you can] watch your friends playing online whenever you’ve got an internet connection” with regards to remote play for the Vita. The team is also "targeting" a 60 FPS driving experience.

The devs have stated though that Driveclub will run as a 'service model," which means it will continously pump out for players as patches and hotfixes can be made without the use of long download times. As Rodgers said, “We can make changes in the background,” [and] “it might be the case that you’ll log on the next day and things will be better, everything about [the game] is just going to evolve.”

Driveclub is slated to be one of the premier launch titles for the Playstation 4 this fall.


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