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Latest Elder Scrolls Online Details

Following a recent interview with creative director Paul Sage composed by Joystiq, lots of new and delicious details have been revealed regarding The Elder Scrolls Online. Being the first MMORPG set in Bethesda's highly acclaimed fantasy world, Tamriel, lots of questions in regards to questing, exploration, combat, PvP, and end-game content have been raised, many of which have now been answered.

For starters, the broad selection of races (such as Orcs, High Elves, Argonians etc.) are all split into three separate alliances and each is given their own zone. Comprised of a multitude of different areas, quests and stories, players not only have to contend with their own zone. Once they reach the level of cap of 50, they have free reign to travel to the other alliance's zones and experience their content. This is fantastic news for the single-player-oriented player who much rather spend his or her time doing something else than grinding for the best gear in repetitive PvP matches once they hit the level cap.

Of course, if PvP does happen to be your cup of tea, then Paul Sage assures that there will be more than enough content to keep you busy past the level cap. For starters, the entirety of Cyrodill, the providence featured in the incredible The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, is now one massive zone dedicated to battles where all alliances clash together. If they design Cyrodill in a manner where it's actually recognizable from the fourth entry in the series, then color me floored by the idea of dedicating this entire chunk of land to huge PvP skirmishes. 

The Elder Scrolls Online will also feature all the typical staples we've come to expect from the genre, including story-based four-man dungeons, profession systems, loot to gleam over and an interesting take on raiding in the form of adventure zones. While there is still a lot to see and talk about, The Elder Scrolls Online is definitely destined to rival its contemporaries in the MMO-scene (mainly World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2) and if it can deliver on all of its lofty promises and do its source-material justice, then The Elder Scrolls Online has every possibility to become one of the greats within the genre.


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