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Latest Grand Theft Auto V News: Mandatory Install & More

Rockstar released another Q&A session today on their website, this time focusing on fan’s questions about Grand Theft Auto V. Whilst some answers have already been discussed, we did get a few little nuggets of new information if you're chomping at the bit for anything new regarding GTA V.

One of the most important issues that got addressed was how the game will be available on current gen discs. Rockstar’s previous games in Max Payne 3 and L.A Noire both contained multiple discs for 360 and this seemed obvious that it would be the case for their biggest open world game to date. Whilst the game will come on two Xbox 360 discs, after a first time mandatory install of the first disc, you will only have to enter the second disc to play the game.

The game will also need to be installed on PS3 but comes on only one disc. Both installs will take up around 8GB of storage and after this install there will be no disc swapping for either console to play single player or multiplayer. Very good news if you have to endure the multiple disc swapping of L.A Noire.

Another interesting thing touched upon was how the switching between characters will work. They talked about how some missions you can switch between two or three characters and when not on missions the characters will live their own lives and you chose who you want to play as. They all have different friends, activities and side missions. Also it was confirmed you cannot kill one of the characters when playing as one of the others. You can however put them in the hospital.

Nothing else as important as this news was revealed, but a few other things of note were talked about. With the Special/Collector’s Editions having a blueprint map, many asked if this meant the regular edition would have no map this time. Every copy of the game will come with a map that is double sided to include everything you need to know about the city. Whether this just means artwork on one side or actually a secret location (another island?) we will have to wait and see.

They also confirmed a few things such as weapons and cars will be fully customizable, no plans for a PC or next gen release as of right now, a new gameplay video is coming “soon” and online multiplayer details will be available later this summer. They also confirmed there will be no noticeable differences between the versions and that they promise the game will not get delayed again and will definitely be available September 17th. We all hope that is true.


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