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Layoffs for Raven Software

It’s never fun to report on layoffs, especially when the layoffs are taking place within a company such as Raven. Raven is responsible for games such as Singularity, X-Men: Origins, and Wolfenstein. None of which were particularly “incredible” but were pretty fun in their own little way.

It’s being reported (by Kotaku) that Raven has been hit with layoffs, with around 40 people being let go. The guys that also brought us Quake 4 was reported to have been currently working on DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops. It’s been apparent before that Activision doesn’t have much hope in Raven so the layoffs come as no surprise, but very disappointing.

The sad fact is, Raven Software will probably only make DLC for bigger games. A poor decision by Activision in my mind.


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