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Leaked Documents Show Potential Xbox 720 Info

A massive, 52-page document was uploaded to Scribd recently (put since been pulled) outlining the specs for the Xbox 720.

The Powerpoint document revealed a holiday 2013 release date for the next-generation console, eight years since the Xbox 360 was released, and for a price of $299. The system will include a Blu-ray player, 4GB of DDR memory, native 3D capabilities, a built-in Kinect and more, according to the document. Backwards compatibility with the original Xbox and 360 consoles, along with streaming full games from the cloud, are also mentioned.

The system would also feature a pay TV service, as well media apps such as Netflix and LastFM. The document touts the system as a having the capabilities of a “$2,000 PC in a $300 box.”

Plans for how the system will be marketed through 2015 are also discussed in the document. If the documents are true, Microsoft may be planning to scrap physical copies of games altogether, as the presentation says, in 2015, all Xbox experiences will be “served up from the cloud, instantly on any screen.”

Whether a hoax or not remains to be seen, as Microsoft has yet to confirm or deny the documents.


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