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Legendary Pictures Commissions ‘Pacific Rim’ Sequel

Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim is seven months away from theaters, but Legendary Pictures appears confident based on what it's seen so far. The company has hired Travis Beacham, who wrote next summer's blockbuster, to work on a sequel in the event that the first is a success.

Moves like this are commonplace given how far in advance coveted release dates need to be booked. Plus, it would allow for Pacific Rim 2 to come out as early as 2015 if Legendary has a script that it likes already in the pipeline. However, we most often see this move with obvious tentpoles such as superhero films, so it's big news considering Pacific Rim is an original idea (assuming that the idea of giant robots fighting monsters in a doomsday scenario is original in your eyes).

Del Toro will supervise the sequel's script, according to THR, but his directorial invovlement is unknown. Considering he just committed to direct Crimson Peak in 2014 and is always busy and attaching himself to projects, it would be unwise to presume del Toro will assume those duties.

Pacific Rim releases July 12, 2013.


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