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Legends of Pegasus X’or Trailer

Greed. Power. Hate. Some people are guided by their emotions, some civilizations are destroyed by their passions. The X’or will never share such a fate.

Legends of Pegasus is possibly Kalypso’s and Novacore Studio’s most ambitious project to date. This space simulator of galactic conquest boasts some impressive-looking features with the title’s patented 4-X experience of eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate. The debut trailer showed off some of those 4-X aspects by briefly touching base on the extent of the a huge universe to explore in a massive 40+ hour single player campaign, structures to build complimented by planet colonization with striking real-time terraforming, extensive ship customizations,  and supporting both a single player and multiplayer stellar battle system.

This new trailer leaves behind the gameplay aspects to expand on the narrative and universe of lore created in Legends of Pegasus. This video is an introduction to the rich lore of the X’or – a race within the universe. The X’or strive to strengthen the unity, the nucleus, the core. The X’or strives for knowledge and they have observed different life forms for millennia.

Watch it, or don’t… you can’t do both.


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