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Julian's Rating: 2/10 Player Affinity Composite Rating: 3.3/10 (3 ratings total) The January 2010 release Legion centers on the idea of God plaguing the people of the world for not obeying Him. The angel Michael (Paul Bettany) is trying to protect the world from God's wrath, which is represented by an army of angels. In particular, he attempts to protect a pregnant waitress named Charlie (Adrianne Palicki), as her baby is prophesied to save the world. The film, which is out on DVD today, promises great action and a fascinating story. However, it does not deliver on either of those things. Rather, it is a complete and total disaster with plot holes, poor action sequences, and mediocre performances. Despite a somewhat intriguing story, screenwriters Peter Schink and Scott Stewart leave a couple of questions unanswered. For what it's worth, these are questions no one should have to guess at upon watching the film. The biggest plot hole involves this baby who is supposed to be the world's savior. Although one can draw his or her own conclusions about the baby, this idea is never fully explained. Another plot hole involves a statement that Bettany makes near the end of the film. This line of dialogue is meant to make clear the situation at hand, but it only brings confusion. In addition to the plot holes, very weak action also mars the film. None of the action sequences garner any suspense or interest. One that involves an angel in the form of an elderly woman comes towards the beginning of the film; this scene is particularly laughable. Another involving a morphing angel in an ice cream truck is also hard to take seriously. Even when a film is weak, strong performances can help. Unfortunately, the performances here were decent at best. The usually great Dennis Quaid is quite dull. Palicki adds some emotion to her performance as Charlie, but her work is still pretty bland. The most memorable performance is Bettany's, but he still mirrors the others by merely being good, not great. Rating: 2/10 Legion Directed by Scott Stewart Written by Peter Schink and Scott Stewart Starring: Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Adrianna Palicki Other Player Affinity Reviews Simon thought: "For a movie so ridiculous in every way, Legion sure takes itself seriously. There is but an ounce of fun exhibited in this religious action thriller, which seemingly tries to convey a message amongst machine gun-wielding angels. Paul Bettany is the best thing about Legion, playing his role straight enough as to not incite laughs, while simultaneously knowing what kind of movie of which he is a part. A number of the one-liners considering the context do deliver the appropriate combination of laughs and badassery but when the finale eventually rolls around, the idiocy of the screenplay and the ineptness of the screenplay all shine through in glorious fashion. This ensemble piece of bizarrely-themed filmmaking carries with it enough campy thrills to make it bearable, but since when was bearable a quality that made you excited." Rating: 4/10 Dinah's Rating: 4/10 Player Affinity Composite Rating: 3.3/10 


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