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‘LEGO Lord of the Rings’ Details Revealed

A few snippets of information have been released surrounding Travellers Tales' upcoming LEGO title, LEGO Lord of the Rings. First off, the game will allow you to play as a huge sum of 85 unique characters, which includes some who didn't even appear in the movies. It also sounds as if the series is following in LEGO Batman 2's boots by taking an open-world-twist, as TT Games' Nick Ricks explains, "We wanted much bigger and better than having just hubs that lead to playthroughs of the film." Apparently, there is also an instant travel feature, meaning the world will be big enough for you to explore for a long time upon completion.

Finally, if you played LEGO Batman 2, you'll know that the characters in the game had voices (the first time in a LEGO game), LEGO Lord of the Rings is set to follow suite, but it will actually contain some dialogue from the films themselves. LEGO Lord of the Rings is set to be released in fall 2012.


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