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Lego Marvel Super Heroes Announced

Traveler's Tales, creators of the Lego games, announced today that they are developing Lego Marvel Super Heroes using a trailer explaining why working on a property such as this is a "really good marriage." Judging from the clips of gameplay that were shown, it seems to resemble the last Lego game, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. It features a cast of Marvel characters and (maybe) an open sandbox city to explore. Plus, they have a Hulk.

As a comic book fan like myself, I am interested to see what TT does with the game's narrative. In DC Comics, the story was original and entirely voice acted, but this time around they have two superhero teams working in tandem including, The X-Men and Avengers to take down a common foe as opposed to only The Justice League which only appeared in the last chapter of DC Superheroes. You can see the trailer below.

It is funny to think that Traveler's Tales, known formerly through licensing as a Warner Bros. company, are developing a game for Marvel. It seems they are taking advantage of the recent Marvel fever last summer and the one before, especially of The Avengers. You know why? Because they have a Hulk. Let us know in the comments below what you think. 


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