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Let Playstation Know Why You’re the Best

An interesting, if cryptic, post hit the Playstation blog today with a call for the "ultimate Playstation gamer", or gamers to be more precise, as they're looking for "a few".  It's all very vague, something to do with the Long Live Play campaign, but there is a little information there to share: first, write a little explanation for why you're the best Playstation gamer around (in 30 words or less.)  Then, take a high-quality photograph of you and your PS3 controller wherever it is you play your PS3.  Finally, e-mail your reason, with the photograph attached, to [email protected].  That's it.   You'll be entered for... well, I don't really know yet.  Hopefully we'll hear about that soon.  But don't dawdle too long!  There's a deadline!  All entries need to be in by 10:00 AM, Pacific Time that is, on Tuesday November 20th.

Any guesses on what this could be?  Hit the comments with your thoughts!


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