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Liam Hemsworth Hops on for ‘Expendables 2’

The Lionsgate action film The Expendables was a huge success thanks to its ensemble cast of Sylvester Stallone and other action icons. For The Expendables 2, even more iconic action stars like Jean-Claude Van Damme have joined the fray, but apparently the studio wants some young blood on the set.

Variety reveals that Liam Hemsworth, younger brother of Thor breakout Chris Hemsworth, has snagged a role in the sequel. It’s been suggested that Lionsgate might be rotating younger actors into the mix to appeal to a wider audience as vets like Stallone and Li can’t keep the franchise running forever and don't appeal much beyond a specific generation of moviegoers.

Hemsworth’s most notable role to date was as the love interest in the weepy Miley Cyrus vehicle The Last Song, but that’ll all change next year when The Hunger Games hits theaters. It still remains to be seen whether or not that’ll give him – and co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence – credibility in the realm of action blockbusters, so his “Expendable” casting might be just that — expendable.


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