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Liam Neeson Wants You Off His Plane for ‘Non-Stop’

If you thought that Harrison Ford and Samuel L. Jackson would remain the only badasses to fly the friendly skies, bite your tongue; Liam Neeson is in talks to lead Non-Stop, an action thriller taking place aboard an airplane.

Details have been kept mum, but Heat Vision describes it as "a contained, gritty action thriller centering on an air marshal (Neeson) flying on a domestic flight." Sounds as if unlike January's The Grey, Neeson will not be letting this plane go down.

Dark Castle Entertainment will produce, the same company that helped fund the 2011 Neeson thriller Unknown. Jeff Wadlow (Never Back Down) will direct based on a script by John Richardson and Chris Roach.

Interestingly, the move forward comes immediately after Roland Emmerich agreed to helm a similarly "contained" action film in White House Down. It seems the days of Die Hard, Air Force One and Speed are back.


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