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Liberty Meadows Is Coming Back!

That's right one of the greatest comic strips turned comic will be returning this fall with issue #38 according to Mr. Cho himself. It seems that the rights were tied up in development with Sony and due to inactivity reverted back to him. On Cho's site he says that there could still be a movie or TV Show, but the important thing right now is that Liberty Meadows is returning to comics and personally that's all I care about. He didn't say which publisher, but more than likely it'll return to Image.

From Apes and Babes:

People have been asking me about the status of Liberty Meadows for awhile now. So today, I’m here to address that very question.

Yes, Liberty Meadows is alive and well. I’ve been quietly working on it since I got my rights back from Sony. Issue 38 will hopefully come out end of this year.

Let’s back track a minute. About 3 years ago, Sony got the rights to Liberty Meadows to develop it as a downloadable original cartoon series for their new Sony Digital division. I wrote the original pilot episode but it was rejected for being too “risque”. So other writers were brought in to tone it down and make it more kid friendly. Once I read the rewrite, I thought it completely missed the point of Liberty Meadows. So I rewrote the rewrite, and this went back and forth couple of times until we reached a compromised script. We turned that script into an traditional 2D animated pilot episode.



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