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Liefeld’s The Infinite Cancelled

Liefeld lovers (if you exist), cry, Liefeld haters, rejoice.  The Infinite has been cancelled due to both parties of the creative team having issues deciding on how to move forward with the series.  Not only was the series running behind with no issues released in December and January as originally planned, but the ever-familiar ”creative differences” were blamed on the blow-out between the collaborative team of Rob Liefeld (Image Comics co-founder) and Robert Kirkman (creator of the Walking Dead).  Liefeld had plans to use a new inker for The Infinite series, which Kirkman neither expected nor wanted.  Liefeld presents his apology for the series cancellation and drops tidbits of his debacle with Kirkman in the following post from Rob Liefeld’s Official Boards, which was later reposted at Bleeding Cool: I gave pages to both MAC and Canaan, they did a great job. Kirkman did not feel the same. We argued and went back and forth, put a pretty bitter taste in my mouth. No one has told me how to present my work in 25 years, I’m
Pretty fed up over the whole debacle. As a fan I have always loved seeing artists work through the eyes of a variety of inkersvand finishers. Byrne inked by Austin looks different than inked by Layton, looks different than inked by Ordway, but at the end of the day, it’s still Byrne. Sorry, I can’t produce timely work if I’m told to re-draw pages that I LOVE. My life is not set up for that. If I want to evolve my work, expand it, alter the way it looks, without limiting the amount of detail than that’s what I will do. I can’t have the terms of my art dictated to. The storytelling was approved, the final line art was rejected. The stalemate went on a month. Where are the fans who want their product being served if the production pipeline is shut down. This does not happen at the corporations I work with. In fact in my 25 years it has never happened. Yeah, this is a really sour experience. Seriously…..nah….bites tongue. Again, I run my books the same all over and I have pursued being on time, getting books out as having the most value. From DPC to Hawk and Dove, the 1st rule, every page can’t be a masterpiece, just can’t. 2nd rule, if it can’t be a masterpiece, at least make it presentable, make it interesting. These pages accomplish that, and then some…they are great pages. No they do not adhere to a strict Liefeld line art, but they fit in and belong in the wheelhouse. d**n shame. Liefeld has had some unfortunate times similar to this one.  A previous series between him and M.A.C. known as SMASH Vs Supreme was also cancelled in the middle of production several years ago.  Déjà vu for the unfortunate creator, but it will give him some much needed spare time to work on the several titles he has been assigned to do for DC this coming May. Image Comics: The Infinite #1 written and drawn by Rob Liefeld. 


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