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Like Father, Like Daughter Kickstarter Launched

The new comic book Like Father, Like Daughter is being written by our own Entertainment Fuse writer Kat West (aka Comic Uno). The penciler, inker and colorist is Wayne Brown. The concepts were done by John Paola Mananita.   Like Father, Like Daughter is being published by Short Fuse Media. It is the story of a teenage girl, Casey Ryder, who was abandoned by her father when she was young so he could be a superhero. Her father, Invulnerable, is the only superhero in the world and he is loved be everyone - except Casey. The series is supposed to be full of comic book references and makes fun of comic book tropes while it's at it. I really like the family angle. Not only do we have a female protagonist who has to go through having no father, Casey and her mother also have a very strained relationship. This could shape up to be a great drama. Like Father Like Daughter #1 Cover While the Kickstarter is going on there is also a contest where you could write your own one-page comic in the Like Father, Like Daughter comic. If you write/illustrate a one page story using the information you can gather from Comic Uno’s videos about the characters, the official website and the webcomics, email it to [email protected].   Keep the following rules in mind when writing the short:
  1. Invulnerable is the only superhero in the world.
  2. No one knows Casey is Invulnerable's daughter.
  3. Casey and Jessica DO NOT interact with Invulnerable nor does he interact with them.
Winners will have their comic posted on the website every Monday until October 26th, 2014. So send your one-page comic in now! Winners will also work with Short Fuse Media on a new story that will be released as a webcomic or they will have their likenesses in a webcomic once the Kickstarter is completed.   Here are some rewards you could get for pledging the Like Father, Like Daughter Kickstarter. Like Father Like Daughter Rewards The Kickstarter launched on October 5th. You can pledge at least one dollar over the next month. Help them get to the $5,000 to launch her project!


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