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Limbo Comes to PSN

The previously XBLA exclusive title Limbo is set to be released on PSN, which should apparently create a unified chorus of joy from PS3-only owners, as I do hear the game is quite good. Its arrival was made official with news from a Korean ratings board. 

Limbo sold over 750,000 copies on XBLA and it is sure to repeat a somewhat similar success on the PSN, where Limbo will fit in nicely. It joins other highly praised downloadable titles, Braid and Castle Crashers, as games that have jumped to PSN after experiencing a period of exclusivity on Xbox. It is a shame that these quality games have to be hidden away from PSN for so long but it is better than never experiencing them at all, right? Owning an Xbox I have most certainly had the chance to play Limbo, but it just never interested me. The art and atmosphere the game offers always intrigued me but the gameplay seemed a little listless, flat and unforgiving. Perhaps this new PSN release will encourage me to play it; however, somehow I doubt it.


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