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Lindsay Lohan meeting for role in “Superman” reboot?

Henry Cavill, who was recently cast as Clark Kent, might be sharing the silver screen with Lindsay Lohan. People in both the “Superman” reboot and Lohan camp have been conversing over the past several weeks, and she’s reportedly in contention to play a “major character.” According to TMZ, who apparently got the tip from “sources close to LiLo,” this character will not be Lois Lane.

In that case, would it be the Kryptonian villain Ursa? Alice Eve and Diane Kruger are both contenders for that part; Rosamund Pike was on the list but has just tied herself up with Wrath of the Titans.

Lohan emerged onto the Hollywood scene with The Parent Trap, but it wasn’t until the successful comedy Mean Girls that her star really took off. Unfortunately, run-ins with alcohol, drugs, and consequently the law ruined what could have been a great career.

Take this “news” with a grain of salt, but we’ve seen stranger things happen in Hollywood. Even if she is in contention for a role, I couldn’t imagine her actually getting the part. Could you?


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