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Little Big Planet 2 Details Coming

Little Big Planet is one of those games that stole the hearts of millions of people who have a PS3.  I remember the first time I saw this game and thinking how much charm it has, and if they can nail down the customization it could be a big hit.  When it came out, people started creating insane amounts of levels with an interface that was quick and easy to use.  Loading up new levels and seeing what each person created is what made Little Big Planet just a blast to play and what made it stand out from everyone else.

                                                                       That's A Serious Starring Contest

On Monday they are supposed to start talking about their sequel, Little Big Planet 2, which is great to hear.  Since I’m sure everyone wants to hear about what they plan to improve and what they are going to add in the next installment.  This is one of those games that if they do it wrong and make it too much of the same thing people will feel like they are buying something that could have been a DLC.  So we’re interested in seeing what they are going to reveal.  Make sure to check back on Monday for the news.


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