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Little Big Planet 2 Trailer Breakdown

Just last week a trailer was released for Little Big Planet 2 and it didn’t disappoint.  Although it didn’t really mention a lot of specific details it did answer some questions people would have about the sequel, and told us a few of the new things you could do.  During the trailer they mention how you will not only create levels but actual characters, called Sackbots, which you can program.  You can also chain together your levels to make your own little version of a game.  That’s something that can be really interesting to see people make two, or even a dozen, levels that tie into each other for just one big adventure.  Also, for anyone that was worried they would have to recreate their old favorites for this new game, don’t worry.  They mention that all of them will be moving over and “looking better than ever” which means they probably will update the graphics for them too.  All the while showing all of the cool things you can do, and make, such as racing, playing a ship in a space invader style game, a cool dance floor and the list keeps going.
Yesterday they followed up on their video by answering a few questions that they have been frequently asked.  One of the questions was if you would be able to customize voice acting and they confirmed that you will.  Whether this means you will be able to record your own voice or you have a bunch of presets and you can change how they sound.  Either way it sounds like a cool feature.  They didn’t give too much away just yet saying that they will announce more at this year’s E3 so expect more news when we hear it. 


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