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Little League Series Coming To 360 and PS3

Those fans of the Little League World Series will be happy to know that it is being released for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.  It was originally on the Wii and the DS and now we can see these fun cartoonish looking characters run around with better graphics and animation.  The advantage of the past games was the ability to just pick it up and play with easy so it will be interesting if they are able to keep that up with the new systems. 

The Wii and the DS are known to be the family friendly system with anyone of any age to be able to pick up a game and play.  So if they are able to make this game just as approachable then it will a hit for kids and their parents to play together.

The Giant Lincoln Squirrel Says It All...

Activision mentioned that this new installment will have “tons of new content” but they didn’t mention what any of that new content is just yet.  Expect to see this series to hit shelves sometime in July and make sure to check back for more news as we get closer to its release date.


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