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LittleBigPlanet Karting Can Even Run FPS Sub-Games

LittleBigPlanet Karting, being so thematically similar to ModNation Racers, hasn’t really received the attention it deserves. Many assume it’ll be a carbon copy of the United Front kart racer, but we’ve got evidence to suggest otherwise. Beyond a crazy karting track, a member of the LBP Karting beta has created a fully functional FPS game using nothing but the game’s creation tools. Perhaps proving that Karting may be an even more powerful creation tool than the original games.

In an interview with vg247, United Front producer Jen Timms team claimed that “you have all of the logic, gadgets and tools to make any kind of gameplay that you imagine possible.” And boy she wasn’t kidding. While some players created “minigames and arcade-style games that aren’t even karting at all” one player took it upon himself to go one step further and create an in-game FPS:

“This is a great example of the power of how these tools can combine to make completely different things. So yeah you can make a first-person shooter, your own custom objects – in this case it could be a hand with a gun – and then you have the ability to control the handling and physics of that.”


While the FPS mini-game is rather rudimentary (you can check out a YouTube video of the game below), it provides a great insight in to the development and creative capabilities of the LBP Karting. If a whole different game genre is possible, then imagine the karting tracks! Clearly this is a very different beast to ModNation Racers. While the 2008 game went for simple customisation LBP Karting is all about total construction and creativity. Timms reiterated this point during the interview:

“You also have the ability to re-map buttons, or change your abilities, and then you can combine that with the Weaponator gadget that lets you make custom weapons. Then you can make bullets, or even like rainbow trails or flowers that come out the end of the gun – anything you want, and we can give you that power.”

LittleBigPlanet Karting is set for release early November on PlayStation 3 and possibly the PS Vita. With the ever brilliant LBP formula behind it, I’m sure this is going to be a great game. Check back here at Player Affinity for the latest.



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